Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Another sleepless night, it seems I have had my share of them lately. 2011... A fresh start, a second chance and another year to discover more and more about myself and the people in my life. The closer I get to my true self the more confident I feel about things to come. I have been doing a lot of reading lately, and am starting to wonder what caused me to abandon that hobby for so long.

I laid in bed for an hour tonight, tossing and turning. I must have fallen asleep for only minutes before the usual onset of nightmares began. This time, he was there again. He, who shall remain nameless as he remains faceless in the slumber ending hauntings. I woke up nervous and sweating. The nightmares have become a staple over the past few months, and I have recently started to ponder if there is a message I am missing.

Over a cup of chamomile tea I vascilated; ever fixated on the art of the possible.

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