Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Queen and I

I remember the first encounter I had with a drag queen, it was my very first time in a gay bar and I was in the washroom and in walked what appeared to be a woman wearing a lot of makeup. I remember thinking that maybe that is just the way it worked at gay bars. It really didn't hit me until this "woman" approached the urinal, unzipped and said "kinda fucks you up, huh?" that I realized it was a man in drag.

I now find myself surrounded by drag queens for the better part of any given weekend... and they aren't so scary after all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Apology.

Ryan wants a Sunday kind of love
Ryan is awaiting his special delivery..
Ryan is aged to perfection.
Ryan's punishments are consequences.... deal with it.
Ryan is at work with the mastermind..
Ryan is smoke free, and published again.
Ryan is experiencing technical difficulties, please stay tuned.
Ryan has watched the video of the pope getting knocked over about thirty times...

8 Facebook status updates and several short journal entries is all I wrote in regards to personal writing in over a month.
I began to feel nervous and somewhat guilty for abandoning this outlet, but I knew why it had happened.

I met Kyle; he made me smile- and still does.

I am choosing not to subject our relationship to my personal Roman coliseum--this blog.

I will however, continue to chronicle the craziness of my day to day.

Stay tuned..