Thursday, January 27, 2011

If Your Really Knew Me

If you really knew me, you'd know:
- I have been acting out of character for a week
- I have been ignoring my phone, this blog and my journal
- That I am really obsessed with the bitch rappers this time around
- I am giving up the project boyfriend I was so desperate to save
- I still laugh, really hard, several times a day
- That I am thankful for my friends. Their words of encouragement, support and moreover, their ability to respect my decisions and not try to impose themselves into my affairs.
- I am loving the weather lately, and am thinking of planning an end of winter escape
-That this isn't the last you have heard of me, I will return to planet earth after I learn to act civilized.

1 comment:

etoile said...

I'm respecting your need for space. On a more selfish note, I'm having "ryan-withdrawls". I need another night of too many cigarettes, too much wine, and another lecture in Madonna 101. You are no longer priveledged to hiding. Call me!